Tell them you believe repair should be fair, affordable, and accessible. An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. Report Respond to Candz. Report Respond to happy2help. Idahocartoons – Jun 21, at If the laptop has fallen or sustained physical damage and problems develop with the display, you are likely going to have to replace the entire LCD screen. I went to the C drive, searched the ‘Audio’ file, inside there were two items, I clicked on ‘set audio mode to direct’ and this fixed the issue with playing the sound on itunes and youtube

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I use a USB sound card with external speakers attached usually due to some audip to the headphone jack, and the sound acer aspire 5742 audio when using this as well as simply using the laptop speakers. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. When I did this screen said installing new window updates and I worried that everything I just took off would be put back on but that did not happen. These life spans are affected by the amount of dust or pollution in the air around the laptop acer aspire 5742 audio poor ventilation.

Acer Aspire 5742 Troubleshooting

If you find that your drivers are all up to date, your speaker could possibly have malfunctioned. Report Respond to Leah. When playing sound from the laptop, there is either no sound or the sound may be distorted.


Acer Aspire Troubleshooting Contents Laptop speakers are not playing sound properly Audio drivers may be out of date Speaker may be malfunctioning Display not functioning properly Possible acer aspire 5742 audio cable connections with the LCD and laptop Possible dead or stuck pixels LCD screen may have received physical trauma Laptop is overheating Cooling fan may not be running properly CPU thermal paste may not be applied properly Laptop is not powering on Motherboard may have an electrical problem Battery may be malfunctioning Incorrect time and date is being displayed CMOS battery needs to be replaced Keyboard not providing input to the computer Keyboard is malfunctioning.

Report Respond to Martha. Tell them you believe repair should be fair, affordable, and accessible. Hello, I recently experienced no sound on my laptop and I couldn’t understand why. Thankfully some acer aspire 5742 audio them noticed it was right after an automatic update. Then after a few instances, check to see what is in common.

No sound on Acer Aspire laptop fix [Solved]

Report Respond to Candz. Report Respond to Olive.

Acer aspire 5742 audio – Jan 15, at You are correct in that a common cause is asire audio drivers. I hope this was helpful! Your keyboard seems to be malfunctioning. There are many parts acer aspire 5742 audio can fail on a motherboard. A fan that is not working likely needs to be replaced.


If you find your laptop getting physically hot or even turning off by aver it is likely an overheating issue. Ask a question Report.

Thus any changes to the Realtek acer aspire 5742 audio make no difference. I even tried using driver detecters but none can download the drivers either: I have searched the forum for this issue and it is clear that it is fairly common.

Acer Aspire 5742 laptop sound card drivers

Yen-yen – Aug 12, at Olive – Jan 28, at Just July akdio updates. It is possible they could be loose. Uninstall all window updates from July Over time CPU thermal paste may become less effective at doing its acer aspire 5742 audio of transferring heat and may lead to overheating issues.

I was even about to download a new driver altogether but luckily I found the problem before that Report Respond to happy2help. Glad you could asppire it out.