A conventional case cannot be better than the uni-body alu-case of the new MacBooks. Another issue is that slot-loading drives tend to be a bit more noisy than traditional tray-type drives. When the lid is closed, the screen touches the edge of the touch pad. We quite liked the results of the application-oriented PC Mark benchmark test from Futuremark. The mouse buttons have excellent travel and cushion when pressed. Please share our article, every link counts!

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The keys have with a key head measuring 1.

Dell Studio XPS 1640

May 19th, at 5: December 5th, at 8: But, playing is possible on low details, but, you won’t enjoy the graphic too much. June 16th, at 8: The Studio XPS 16 comes with a significant amount of software pre-installed that could be called bloatware.

Lifting the about studio xps 1640 kilogrammes heavy notebook on the front edge, is possible without recognizable deformations studio xps 1640 creaking. Design is its biggest differentiator, studi it uses not just one but a number of the hottest techniques in manufacturing.

So, you cannot criticise much in regards of design of the Studio XPS. And they get handled a LOT.

Neither the studio xps 1640, not the impression of the quality and the case stability. But, we feel that this critique is justified, because this multimedia notebook belongs to upper class in terms of price.


All hail a new generation of cards. Its display is none too shabby as well.

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The results of the test of the studio xps 1640 possible runtime Battery Eater Readers test as well as of the minimum expectable runtime Battery Eater Stuvio test hardly led to new conclusions.

Best it can do is a very uneven dark gray.

Although the reflections were somewhat disturbing, the brightness was by all means sufficient. Learn more about this in the following review. Construction is mostly magnesium alloy and some plastic with brushed studio xps 1640 accents around the hinges and the outer edge of the notebook.

Dell Unveils Premium Studio XPS 1640 and Studio XPS 1340

The XPS 16 and the HDX16t are the only media center laptops that offer a wide range of wireless options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular modems via multiple carriers. If you use it regularly, expect studio xps 1640 thing to last between 12 and 24 months 16440 a hardware failure occurs. The result of the Cinebench R10 benchmark test is stduio interesting.

Not only is the Studio XPS line priced above the Inspiron and current Studio lines but the Studio XPS 16 studio xps 1640 offers glossy screens which are sometimes extremely difficult to view under direct sunlight.


Dell Studio XPS 16 Review

I can studio xps 1640 with the white, but not the black. Gaming tests were solid, but the graphics card is made for casual gamers, not hard-core ones. And also the subwoofer was noticeable. So, it is naturally to also try a number of contemporary games on this multimedia notebook.

I find the worth the price then again, I scored a refurbished model for less. Of course this is only true except of models with comparable panels. In reply to flatstatus I can already tell that stufio laptop won’t last 1 year.

The illumination of the keyboard can be pre-configured in studio xps 1640 levelsor completely studio xps 1640 if you wish so.

Has normal wear and tear. Three times Dell replaced the hard studio xps 1640, which of course resulted in the loss of the software, files, studip. Such a high value can usually only be measured for highest-performance systems.